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The history of the Houhora Hotel dates back to the 1800's where the original building was sited near 90 Mile Beach.  It was purchased by the Evan's family and dragged to the current site "Saleyard Ave" by a team of bulllocks. A business and new township was established to provide hotel accommodation and bar facilities which was supported greatly by the gumdiggers,  locals and tourists that visited the Far North.   The boats sailed up the Houhora Harbour and moored near the hotel, where the height of trading Gum (Northland's (GOLD)  and other wares took place. This township also provided a post office, picture theatre and horse racing.  The horse racing become a popular event and people travelled long distances to attend the race meetings. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    In the '70's a new tavern was built to accommodate the growing trade and the old hotel was closed.  The current owners (Russell and Helen McAlees) are renovating the old building with the aim of reinstating the bar and introducing a tourist experience along with accommodation for the public again.
Saleyard Road was named after the Saleyards which are situated on the southern entrance of the Road.  The cattle sales are still  held twice a year and untill 2009 the cattle from Mt Camel were driven by horse back and dogs across the Houhora Harbour at low tide by an old pioneer.